Steamhounds Patch v0.4.6 “Angstrom” Release – Terrain Effects


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Steamhounds Patch v0.4.6 “Angstrom” – Terrain Effects


📝 Paul Sim – 2020-07-22


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Steamhounds version 0.4.6 has landed! What’s new you ask?

  • New Feature – Terrain Effects
  • UI improvements

Terrain Effects has been on our radar for some time, and we are excited to finally share them with you! We believe they add another layer of strategy that supports our core gameplay – we are looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Terrain Effects

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Terrain Effects are effects positioned on a tile that trigger when a character steps on them. Beneficial in some situations, and harmful in others, they can quickly turn the tide of battle if used correctly.

In our first wave of available terrain effects (more to come), we have two effects that you’ll encounter in your battles. Half Cover is defensive, mitigating incoming ranged attacks by halving their damage. Corrosion is a harmful effect that causes Poison – at the start of the character’s turn, they’ll take 5 damage.

We feel that terrain effects are an interesting addition to grid layouts. We can already see new strategies developing where positioning becomes an even more important factor in every battle. We can’t wait to see you try them out!

If you haven’t already, you can download our game by joining our DISCORD! Try out these alternate layouts for yourself – we’d love to hear your feedback!

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