Stray Basilisk
International team, UK and USA

Founding date:
August 9, 2017


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Stray Basilisk is an indie games studio which was formed in 2017 by Jason Davey, Paul Sim and Andrew Trahan.


Birth of a Basilisk

The team first assembled around a prototype created by programmer Jason Davey. After creating a proof-of-concept in order to explore ideas for a twist on turn-based / tactical game mechanics, Jason saw the potential in the project and reached out for collaborators. Paul Sim answered the call first, joining the project as a composer. Later that year Andrew came on board as a sound designer. Since then the trio, spread across three time-zones, have collaborated remotely on the game. Each works on their respective area of expertise, and shares responsibility for the overall design and direction of the project. As this game took shape, it would ultimately be titled "Steamhounds".

In August 2017, the team officially adopted the name of Stray Basilisk.
The company was incorporated in December 2018.

The Team

Jason Davey

Based near London, UK. Jason has a computer science degree, and spent several years after graduation working in corporate IT / tech as a backend developer and database administrator, specialising in cloud and big-data technologies. He has over 15 years of programming experience, and for most of this time has been interested in game development and design.

Paul Sim

Based in Long Beach, California. Paul has a BS in computer science, and studied music production at a community college. He has written for film and indie games, and has released his own studio albums / EPs.

Andrew Trahan

Based in Rhode Island. Andrew has experience in many areas of audio engineering including game audio design, dialogue editing, music composition for independent film, and mixing. He has a MS in Electrical Engineering, focusing on musical acoustics and digital signal processing.



Steamhounds Preview YouTube

Steamhounds Indie Focus Interview YouTube


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Paul Sim
Personal Twitter (@PaulSim_) available at twitter.com.
Website / portfolio available at PaulSimMusic.com.

Andrew Trahan
Personal Twitter (@andrewrtrahan) available at twitter.com.
Website / portfolio available at AndrewRussellTrahan.com.

The Team

Jason Davey
Programming, Game Design

Paul Sim
Music / Composition, Game Design

Andrew Trahan
SFX / Sound Design, Game Design

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