Stray Basilisk

Steamhounds is a multiplayer turn-based strategy game. Assemble a crew of fighters. Challenge your friends in head to head multiplayer battles. Fight for glory!

We are currently in early development. This means we are actively adding features and refining the game. We love feedback, so let us know what you think about Steamhounds. Come join us on Discord to get instant access to the demo and start battling now!

Master Battlefield Positioning

Steamhounds bridges the gap between JRPG and tactical combat.
Create your formation and adapt it to the changing tides of battle.

Stay reactive with Stances

Your team doesn't just stand idly by after making their move.
Adopt stances to set up combo attacks and defensive reactions.

Online Multiplayer

Duel against your rivals, or cheer on your friends in Spectator mode.
Join the community - take part in tournaments and competitions.

Much more to come

Stay tuned to learn more about the world of Steamhounds.
Coming soon: More character classes, abilities and customisation options.

Stay updated on the game’s development!

Who are Stray Basilisk?






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