Steamhounds Patch v0.4.2 “Lighthouse” Release – Alternate Battlefield Layouts


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Steamhounds Patch v0.4.2 “Lighthouse” Release – Alternate Battlefield Layouts


📝 Paul Sim – 2020-05-27


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Steamhounds version 0.4.2 “Lighthouse” has released today! Here are the changes:

  • New feature: Alternate Battlefield Layouts
  • Ability and balance tweaks
  • Minor bug fixes / performance improvements

Yes, we now have the ability to tweak our battlefield for different layouts! This means that the battlefield is not only restricted to a 3×3 grid, but can have rows or columns blocked off, or even have specific tiles be inaccessible. We are currently experimenting with different layouts so please help us find the most interesting ones!

New Feature: Battlefield Layouts

battlefield layouts image

With the introduction of alternate battlefield layouts, certain characters may have an advantage when fighting on certain grid patterns. Take, for example, the Berserker where they may be well suited in a stage that restricts movement to only two rows – this narrows down the number of rows that can be targeted with Tunnel Vision, making that stance easier to pull off.

With this in mind, the battlefield layout for each battle will be shown while players are in the character selection screen so that characters can be chosen accordingly.

battlefield layout 1

battlefield layout 2

In addition to our normal layout, we currently have two alternate layouts in the game which are chosen at random when a match is created. As you may see above, the layouts basically block off a single row or column. We felt that we should start simple before it evolves into something more complicated. Please try these out yourself, and help us discover what other interesting patterns we can put in the game!

And to let you know, these new layouts will be implemented for our upcoming tournament so be ready!

If you haven’t already, you can download our game by joining our DISCORD! Try out these alternate layouts for yourself – we’d love to hear your feedback!

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